Performance and revenge in tango:)

On 3rd November, the tango exhibition finished successfully, and my performance with my teacher was not bad according to my friends. For my part, I couldn't do my best, and I'll revenge with similar dance(but the same version) on 24th of this month. Indeed, this will be my tango teachers' 6th anniversary party of opening their classroom in Ebisu.

I'll upload my better performance in near future:)


Ready for exhibition of Tango dance:)

I'm going to attend an exhibition of Tango dance held in Ikebukuro today:)
Indeed, I've practiced 4 months for it, and my back-music for my dance will be "Bullanguera," and you can hear the music with orchestration version as follows:

How to communicate in disaster?

Thousands of people near NYC were influenced by the recent disaster called Sandy, according to the  news resources, and we find some notification about how to communicate in such disaster. One of the useful method would be to use social networks like Facebook or twitter, which were introduced some years ago. Here is a quote from NYTimes:
With Hurricane Sandy, public officials and government agencies have embraced social media to a greater degree than ever. For proof, look no further than the Twitter feed of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York: 400 messages on Tuesday, 300 on Wednesday and well over 100 on Thursday, featuring everything from photos of storm surge damage to updates on power restoration. 
It should be true. Indeed, I normally promise to use such social network tools in case of the huge disasters for my family, after the Tohoku disaster in March2011 of Japan. This is because many IT-engineers made their efforts to keep the infrastructure of  the environment, and also the architecture of internet was very strong even in such bad situation.

Additionally, what I'd like to notice now is what we should believe in, I assume. Shortly after the huge disaster on 11March2011 of Tohoku, many demagogs were heard from many sources including mass-media...