Setting of iPhone

use my iPhone in English modewhich enables me to take more time of studying EnglishCertainlysoon after the changing the languageit has some problems because I could not find the buttons tochange the settingButnow that I'm accustomed to English modeand indeed I memorized the exact placeswhere to tap for almost all buttons.

Butsome weeks ago, I updated my iPhone with the version into iOS6.0, and lost my way to do itActually, I asked my colleague to change a settingand he said to me why I changed the language setting. I explained him thereason as abovebut he has not convinced it... Finallyhe said to me: "Do you want to become smart?" with smiling. I didn't intend such a thing, just wanted to ask the setting because forgetting it...


The sound of electronic/magnetic wave ...?

As reading science article in French web-site, I found an interesting movies in this site(in French). Generally speaking, we cannot hear the sound in the space of universe, but electronic and magnetic waves are propagated there.  The latter waves are fulfilled in the universe, and we can hear the "sound" by transforming waves from electronic and magnetics to sounds. Here is the "sound":

On the other hand, here is a weeping sound of guinea pig:

Are they resemblant:)?

New iPhone would be delayed too long..

They started to sell new iPhone, which was called iPhone 5, on 21st September in Japan, and I reserved it on the next day in one of major carrier of cellular phone. A store staff indicated that we could acquire it almost after 2 weeks ago, but no announce was delivered to me.
So, I went there to ask about my reserving status. According to the staff, it will take more 2 weeks, and totally it might take one month from reserving to acquire new cellular phone...

On the other hand, one of my friend could get the same model of iPhone by reserving electronics retail store last week.

Tim Cook, who is current CEO of Apple Inc., was in charge of supply chain management of Apple products, and then so I expected I could get more earlier...


Too many people...:(

As planned in my blog previously, I went to the park to eat various food in Hokkaido with my friend, but there were too many people in Yoyogi park.

As you can see the picture below, there too many people...

Also, here is a picture below, and they can buy burned carbs. Actually, they smell so good:)

But it'll take about 3 hours to eat the crabs, i.e. we have to line up to take them... 
It was too long for us, and I bought "Ikura" which is salmon caviers.

According to the explanation, we have to freeze it, and indeed a shopper wrapped with old newspaper, and it kept frozen status. After purchasing it, we went to a restaurant near Harajuku station, and ate Yakiniku-lunch:)

Although we've not accomplished our plans, we compromised all of the events. Anyway, today was a funny holiday:)

Food exhibition in Yoyogi park

One of my friend invited us to come to "Food exhibition" held in Yoyogi park. Indeed, I wanted to go there:)

After taking some pictures, I'll upload them here:)