Tried to dance salsa:)

I went to salsa-party yesterday's night with my tango-dance teacher and her student. They could dance it very well, and also they were my teacher then.

We sought the dance studio, after having light dinner near the studio in Roppongi. They explained so much about the brief history of salsa or other music, but I had very few information and experience about this dance, and their explanation for salsa didn't convince me very well...:(
Actually, I've practiced only basic steps of salsa a few month ago, and that's all about my experience. As a matter of fact, basic information is very important to understand profoundly..

According to their advice, the similar dance "Bachata" can include tango steps in it, and I tried to dance it with some tango-step..:) It was ONLY me to use plural steps of tango in the studio!!

Anyway, I'd like to appreciate to today's "teacher" so much!

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